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Corey Moxon is an architect and designer working in San Francisco, CA. He has worked on projects ranging from brand design and development, interaction design to hospitality architecture and currently focused on the architecture of private dwellings. 

With a background in architecture and graphic design, Corey looked to develop his knowledge of the broad scope of design and joined AngryBovine working on a range of branding and interactive projects. Incorporating the added design lens he shifted focus back to private dwelling architecture, restaurants and branding with bldg.collective team in Boulder. In 2014, he followed his career to San Francisco as a designer at Arcanum Architecture in San Francisco working through all phases of design and construction of private dwelling and restaurants with his 2 years at the firm.

Corey joined the John Maniscalco Architecture | jmA team in 2016 with an emphasis on private dwellings in the San Francisco Bay Area. While currently in the process of procuring his architectural license Corey continues work on brand and identity development and interactive design for the studio. 

Born and raised in Colorado, Corey attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Environmental Design with an Architectural emphasis. The experiences of living and learning in Colorado and Germany his connection to nature and the designed environment propagated a site responsive design methodology and holistic approach to design.